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Porsche Panamera

Ask any youngster what car they want to drive when they are older and you will get a super car brand as their answer. Often it will be a Porsche so they can follow in the footsteps of their favourite celebrity or sports star. The brand is well known for its luxury vehicles and Individual Car Hire are aware of its prestige. This is why we believe that to have a Porsche in our fleet it had to the best model we can offer; the Panamera.

Porsche Panamera - Unrivalled Style and Sophistication

The Porsche Panamera is obviously one of the most stylish super cars available and it must be driven by every super car fanatic at least once in their lives. It is distinguishable as of of the classiest vehicles on the road and stands out as Porsche’s example of what their design and engineering teams have really got up their sleeves.


Heads will turn with this vehicle on your driveway or rocking up to any event so if you require something classy for a romantic weekend away, something that exudes success for your next corporate event or even something to show off when you next take a visit the in-laws this might be the perfect car to hire. Individual Car Hire is here to help you make your choice and discus delivery at a time and place suitable for your needs.


Imagine the look on your car loving partners face when they get home on their 30th or 40th birthday to see a Porsche Panamera ready and willing to be taken for a spin, or when you pick up your loved one from work in this beautiful super car, drive them their favourite spot and ask for their hand in marriage. The Panamera is just begging to be there to make your memorable occasions all the more memorable and is easily accessible from Individual Car Hire.

Distinguishing features of the Porsche Panamera

Any car lover needs to know the ins and outs of the car they are taking for a ride. Chances are if you are into your motors that much you may be aware of the innovative specifications on board the Panamera but let us refresh your memory.

key features include:
• Luxurious interior with individual sports seats
• Elevated central control console
• Distinctive, yet recognisable, Porsche styling
• 6-speed gearbox
• Comprehensive patented Porsche safety system
• Lightweight build results in high levels of performance and low emissions

Be the pilot of your very own Porsche

Even a day in this luxury vehicle will make enough memories for a lifetime when coupled with a special occasion. The Porsche Panamera is one of the most distinctive vehicles on the road right now and to be noticed in it will make you feel like your on top of the world, and as Individual Car Hire serves clients in Norwich, Nottingham, Carlisle, Kent and beyond you will not be out of our range. We endeavour to deliver whatever our clients want and if this Porsche is what you want, Individual Car Hire will perform.


Arrange a free quote with Individual Car Hire today or contact us directly to discuss your car hire needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring every client query is satisfied 100%.


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