Lamborghini Gallardo

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Lamborghini Gallardo

The Lamborghini brand is synonymous with style, class and wealth. Anyone driving this beautiful super car will wow passersby and be the talking point of any event. The Lamborghini brand came to light after its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, lost interest in agriculture and moved onto pastures new in sports car performance. The Gallardo is the poster vehicle for just how far that brand has come and it will show off just how far you have come to anyone who witnesses your ride. This car is the crème de la crème of performance vehicles and Individual Car Hire is proud to say we can offer you a taste of the luxury for the day, weekend or week, at any time of year.

Style and Sophistication like no other

The Lamborghini Gallardo is really unlike any other super car out there. Its unique engine rev make it stand out for a start and then the style it presents is just top class. Imagine taking your loved one for a spin, maybe a romantic drive to set the scene before popping the big question, this vehicle really would top of that occasion unlike any other. It really is a car that every super car fan is in awe off and driving it isn’t like driving anything else.

Key features of the Lamborghini Gallardo

When you get behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Gallardo you will be able to feel the power oozing out of the vehicle as it zips through bends and round corners in the sleekest possible way. Named after a famous breed of fighting bull the car is designed to know the best way to tackle any road and is one of Lamborghini’s best selling cars with over 10000 built in the first seven years of production.

The key features of this stunning performance car are
• 10 cylinder 520 BHP engine
• Low profile tyres
• Semi-automatic e-gear system for clutchless driving
• Climate control
• Trip computer
• Stylish leather interior
• Electric adjustable seating


With all these features and more it is understandable why so many people want to drive this precious car. It will be like no other you have experienced and makes for a perfect way to celebrate a big occasion. If you have a loved one who has a thing for luxury vehicles or wants to experience a thrill unlike any other you could treat them to a drive in this car for a big birthday or wedding anniversary. It’s almost guaranteed that they will not forget the day in a hurry.

Hiring the drive of your life

At Individual Car Hire we deliver performance car hire at a top spec. The Lamborghini Gallardo is one of our top range of vehicles and can be delivered to you anywhere in the country from our base in the Midlands. Its available for weddings, school proms and every special occasion, it could even turn heads at your next conference and will certainly make an impression for your next client meeting.


Arrange a free quote with Individual Car Hire today or contact us directly to discuss your car hire needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring every client query is satisfied 100%.


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