Government Report suggests driving age should increase

A Government report has suggested that the driving age should increase to 18 and that a curfew should be implemented for newly qualified drivers.

Obviously the current age at 17 allows for a major milestone falling just before the legal drinking age and moving away from home to go to university but if changes which have been proposed are carried out then all these things will be happening at once.

The report also recommends probationary licences, which will be issued at 18 and last a year, allowing for the learners to clock up at least 100 hours driving experience in daytime conditions and at least 20 night time hours. The curfew would mean the roads were clear of new drivers from 10pm until 5am unless accompanied by a passenger aged 30 or over. In addition they would not be allowed to drive with anyone under 30 if they had not yet hit that milestone.

The report claims that these plans would slow down the rate of accidents and reduce the changes of death caused by dangerous or careless driving. Research showed that over 20% of deaths on the roads in Britain in 2011 involved 17-24 aged drivers and around 10% of drivers will be caught offending within the first year of driving. Male drivers bear the brunt of the stats as the claims suggested that those aged 17-20 have a seven times higher risk of being involved in road accidents than the male average; and in the early hours of the morning this risk can increase another 17 times.

Obviously the chance to be the lead driver of your friendship group holds great prestige and anyone with their own car is often called on to take the group places, especially for big events such as nights out, school dances and that extra special end of year prom. At UK Prestige we feel that these events shouldn’t be taken away through age and an even better solution than one of the group taking on the driving would be hiring a car for the event. If these changes were to happen the demand for driven vehicle hire would be increased, but that would not be a problem for our impressive fleet.

Our cars include chauffeur driven coupes and sports cars that can get you and your date to your anniversary dinner, and limos are on offer for that big group who don’t want to split up but want to arrive at the school prom in style. It might be worth checking out even if you do drive just to turn heads upon arrival!


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