Watchdog Highlights Rogue Limo Company

At Invidiual Car Hire we are dedicated to our customers and endeavour never to let a single one of our clients down. Customer service is integral to our whole approach and rather than thinking about our bank balance, we are focused upon your special day, event or reason for rental. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. On Tuesday 16th October’s Watchdog one rogue company was highlighted and unfortunately at Invidiual Car Hire we weren’t particularly surprised.

Watchdog challenges unsatisfactory broker

The episode of Watchdog that aired this week featured Cardiff based Limo Broker Ltd as one of the companies they’d had several complaints about. They highlight themselves as the UK’s biggest and more trusted limousine hire provider but when it comes down to it, they’re letting down their clients left, right and centre.

For many years at Invidiual Car Hire we have warned against utilising brokerage companies when businesses like ours are considerably more reliable and only offer out vehicles from our own fleet we know are available. It appears Limo Broker Ltd has been agreeing to jobs they simply can’t handle.

Limo Brokers market themselves as doing all the hard work, locating the limo the client requires for their big day with no trouble. Watchdog found many complaints where customers were delivered the wrong colour cars, the wrong car completely and cars arriving late. There were complaints about the professionalism of the drivers and there were even examples where the limo hadn’t arrived at all.

Undercover Discoveries

Watchdog dug a little deeper and sent in an undercover agent to see how things worked from the inside. Their agent, Anna, went in to join the call handling team and from the off she found out all was not as it should be.

Throughout her training Anna received titbits of advice from trainers and colleagues that were far from representative of a reputable, reliable firm. The person in charge of HR and training at the time schooled Anna on the need to put pressure on potential customers by outright lying about the offers available and convincing them that the best prices were only available for a limited time.

She was also told, word for word that the company were aware they were sending out the wrong cars, for example:

‘Sometimes they’ll send a Jeep limo. It’s similar to a Hummer but it’s not a Hummer limo. So its things like that isn’t it. You lie to the customer…’

This is just the beginning but we’re extremely pleased that the country now understands the problem with companies such as Limo Broker. We have always championed the cause of independent prestige car hire firms like ourselves as we take pride in our fleet and want to give our customers something special.




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